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Your garden can look just like you want it to !

Our vision of ideal garden requires quality without compromise, comfortability and orientation on natural materials.

Our goal is to achieve exquisit visual experience, through respecting the tradition. If you share our vision, check out the products we have prepared for garden decoration.


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Drvopromet Zorić Sawmill regularely expands its production range with new and inovative products.

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About us

Drvopromet Zorić Sawmill

Drvopromet Zorić Sawmill was founded in 1993. following a long family tradition in wood processing.

Over the years, we have invested in wood processing tehnology, thus significantly expanding the capacities and production. At the very beginning, we concentrated work on wood sawing, and today we are proud to offer you not only a sawed wood but a wide range of wooden products that will make your environment lovelier and friendlier.


Mission Statement

With the highest quality production and hand picked wood, it is our goal to ensure customer satisfaction, and also durability, beauty and usability of all our products.


Quality and Ecology

Drvopromet Zorić Sawmill is highly dedicated to the quality of its products and services. We acquire only selected types of wood, that is subject to very strict entering control. Quality is then monitored and controlled throughout the process of production, and in the end, the final product is once again thoroughly checked.

Ecology, preservation of environment, and particular affection to human health are very important in our production process. We use only high quality Croatian wood, and our supplier, "Croatian Woods Ltd." manages forests according to strict ecological, social and economic standars, as guaranteed by prestigious FSC Certificate.

Understanding the great value of wood as a raw material, we have reduced the percentage of waste to minimum level through careful planning, while all wood protection products and other products used in the process have to meet strict quality and ecologic standards.



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